Travel Break and Update

img_0184I am a bit behind in my writing, as I just returned from a 10 day trip exploring Mexico! I had the forethought to set up an auto-post while I was gone, but had not yet completed one for this week. It has been a whirlwind since I got home, and I was not able to complete anything new for this week.


I still wanted to share something for the small number of you that are following this blog (thanks, by the way!).

I have always been interested in travel and seeing new places, which I have always thought matches well with my love of books and exploring new worlds through reading. Up until last summer, most of my travels and exploring had been limited to areas within a reasonable drive from home– while I had not been as many places far from home, I definitely thoroughly explored what there is to see nearby! When I expanded my horizons a bit with some further destinations, I started a new collection: books, of course!

Since Boris is still a bit peeved with me for leaving him with a babysitter, I thought I would share my modest collection of books from the countries that I have visited. The first book in this collection came from Iceland, the Sagas of Icelanders. I also added a short book of Icelandic Fairy Tales from that trip. This fall when I visited Ireland, I added James Joyce’s Dubliners, which I picked up from Books Upstairs in Dublin.

My trip to Mexico added a bit of a challenge– while I would prefer to have purchased a book from a local author, I had some difficulty locating one that was written in English! I opted to go for something a little different this time around– “Matar A Un Ruiseñor,” the Spanish translation of one of my favorites, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I am looking forward to perusing this one, despite my lack of skills in the Spanish language. Maybe this will help me expand my vocabulary a bit?


I am new to blogging, so I thought it best to start out with the basics: Why am I here? I don’t mean to get too keep into that–no meaning of life discussion–but why am I here writing this blog? I guess it’s fairly simple: I love books. I have two main reasons for starting this blog: to share my love of the books I read, and to channel that love of books into something that feels productive to me. Okay, three reasons: I also plan to share some really cute pictures of Boris, my cat.

“Books On My Cat” is something that started on Instagram, mostly by accident. I love to look through book related posts to see who out there was reading the same things as me, which eventually lead to posting some “bookstagram” pictures of my own. I soon realized that my most of my reading pictures had something in common: Boris. I have a favorite spot to read, and Boris has a favorite spot to sit while I read… on my lap, of course. Once I discovered this trend, and added a #BooksOnMyCat tag, I started to get a little more creative in my photos. Instead of waiting until an opportune reading moment, I started adding books into photos when I decided that Boris was being cute. He is a surprisingly tolerant cat, although I will admit that there have been some minor injuries when he has decided that he has had enough of my nonsense.

This blog feels like the right next step in that project. While I will often make word of mouth recommendations, I have not always been consistent in writing reviews or getting my thoughts on a book recorded. This will be my place to do that. My plan for this blog is to post a new review and picture every Wednesday. This is slightly faster than my “usual” reading pace, so while I plan to keep this as current as possible with my reading, I also plan to fill in some of the gaps with previous reads as well as some of my favorite kids and picture books.