Holiday Pause

After some consideration, I have decided to take a short break in regular posting to this blog. Since starting Books On My Cat back in early 2018, I have always used the changing of the year as a time to reflect and make changes in my blogging habits. This year, I am taking an intentional pause a little earlier to avoid the need for a longer break later on.

While I am not totally stepping away from work on the blog, I am putting the brakes on new reviews until after the New Year. My hope is that by taking away the pressure of posting deadlines, I will be able to shift my focus to catching up on some other projects while regaining a little buffer in my reading/posting timeline.

Although there will not be new reviews posted here, I will continue to post some regular books and cats content on the Books On My Cat Instagram account. The cats and I would love to hear from you over there.

See you in 2022!


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