I love books. I started this blog for two reasons: to share my love of the books I read, and to channel that love of books into something that feels productive to me. Okay, three reasons: I also plan to share some really cute pictures of Boris, my cat.

“Books On My Cat” is something that started on Instagram, mostly by accident. I loved to look through book related posts to see who out there was reading the same things as me, which eventually lead to posting some book related pictures of my own. I soon realized that my most of my reading pictures had something in common: Boris. I have a favorite spot to read, and Boris has a favorite spot to sit while I read… on my lap, of course. Once I realized this trend, and added a #BooksOnMyCat tag, I started to get a little more creative in my photos. Instead of waiting until an opportune reading moment, I started adding books into photos when I decided that Boris was being cute. He is a surprisingly tolerant cat, although I will admit that there have been some minor injuries when he has decided that he has had enough of my nonsense. When Minka joined our family, she got to jump right into the bookish fun!

When I started this blog, my plan was to post a new review and picture every Wednesday. While I was able to maintain that for some time, it is a bit faster than my usual reading pace. I continue to aim for new posts each Wednesday, but the content is more varied now. Beginning in 2020, each month I aim to post at least one children’s book, current read, and previous read, as well as some “bonus” bookish or cat related content. Please follow to see the bookish adventures that we will be embarking on!

About Us

Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a School Psychologist who loves to read and explore. I love seeing and experiencing new places, but also believe that you don’t always need to go far from home to find an adventure. I would love to say that I devour books– but I think it would probably be more accurate to say that I’m a moderate reader. I tend to aim for at least 25 books a year, and usually exceed that by just a little. While reading is one of my passions, there are just too many other things that I love and need to make time for!

I like to consider myself a fairly varied reader. I read from a variety of genres, and have a very hard time narrowing down anything as a favorite. I love to find new books, whether it be new fiction, a book on a topic I’m interested in, or a fun children’s story. To me, books are a type of magic– someone had a story to tell, then they put these 26(ish) symbols together in various arrangements, and there it is in front of you on the page! Words, phrases, thoughts, ideas, all there to be shared. Of course, due to this attitude, I sometimes have a hard time truly disliking most of what I read. Even if I was not crazy about a particular book, in the end, it’s still a book.

Boris is an almost-5-year-old grey and white tabby with a bit of an attitude. He is a “foster fail” that first came into my life in November 2015, when he was just 6 months old. His first family had concerns with his rough play and scratching with their young children, and he was supposed to be staying with me for a few days until his new owners were ready to take him in. Things did not quite work out as planned, and Boris convinced me that I needed him to stay (he was right). He loves Nacho Cheese Doritos, cardboard boxes, fuzzy blankets, and meat cereal.

Minka is a sassy little girl that joined our family at the end of December 2019. She was found near where my dad works as a kitten in July; she was alone despite seeming too young to have left her mother. After my dad cared for her for a few months, he decided that it was time for her to have a more proper home and asked if Boris needed a friend. I was reluctant at first, but things have gone fairly smoothly. Minka is a sweetheart who loves attention, and always wants to be on someone’s lap. She loves to climb, hide in the closet, and chase her big brother’s tail!

We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You can also find us as katielx or BooksOnMyCat on Instagram and as katielx Goodreads!