Sh*t Happens So Get Over It

img_9730Book: Sh*t Happens So Get Over It

Date Read: June 30, 2021

Rating: 4 (of 5) stars

This book was a gift from a friend, who said it was perfect for two reasons: it was the kind of book she felt that I would appreciate, and it would be a short, quick read so it would not really be like adding more books to my reading list! Correct on both counts. I read this one along with a couple others on an evening near the end of June, as I was trying to dwindle down the growing stack of books that I cannot find room for on my “to read” shelf.

There is a trend in shock-value self-help lately, and I am happy to report that this does not fall in to that category. While I have not really read that myself, I know of complaints from many about unexpected titles meant to draw you in to a book that offers minimally insightful advice. It may have the title meant to grab that attention, but this is not a self-help book and it does not pretend to be. This is a collection of quotes—some common, some a bit more obscure. It’s a book that you can grab from the shelf and open to a random page when you might need a little flash of inspiration or motivation. As that, it succeeds nicely.

Boris’s Thoughts: “Oh, I am so not over it. 1 paw.”

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