How to Yoga

img_0651How to Yoga by ChristieCreative (Alex Christie)

I discovered ChristieCreative a few months back when I was looking to add some inspiration into my Instagram feed. Her illustrations are beautiful, and come with the perfect mix of good tips and humor. It was just what I was looking to add in to my scroll of friends, books, and cats.

I have practiced yoga for about four years now, but have mostly focused on the physical aspects of practice. In the beginning, this was a necessity– many of the poses were very difficult for me, and so much seemed inaccessible. As I grew into my practice and realized I am capable of more than I imagined, I developed my own interpretation of yoga philosophy based on my experiences of the mental aspects and benefits I associated with my practice. However, I have never really looked into true yoga philosophy beyond what has been incorporated into the studio classes I have taken.

To be honest, I bought this book on a whim, while scrolling through Instagram to put off getting out of bed one morning. I had seen posts about it before, but something in that moment told me that I should buy it. I am so happy that I did! This was exactly the introduction to yoga philosophy that I needed, providing a basic outline and information to get my feet wet. To my delight, much of this is in line with the thinking that I had come to on my own. I appreciated the personal connections and tips throughout the book, which made the concepts and philosophies more accessible to me as a beginner. The illustrations are lovely, and provide a nice balance to the text. I found some inspiration for my practice that I did not know I needed, and will definitely be referring back here as I continue my yoga journey.

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