All My Friends Are Dead

img_5756Book: All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John

Every once in a awhile, you need to read something that is absolutely ridiculous. This is a perfect book to meet that need. It is a collection of one-liners and puns that string together to form a loose sort of story. I found this book at a random gift store in Louisville a few years ago. I was initially attracted by the cartoon dinosaur on the cover, then had to pick it up once I read the title. What could this little book be?

Hysterical, that is what this little book turned out to be. Is it high quality literature? Of course not. Did anyone really think that’s what they would be getting here? But it’s great for a quick read when you need a laugh, and makes a great gift for that one person that you are never quite sure what to get. Like I said, everyone needs something ridiculous from time to time. I expect that one day, this will be one of my “coffee table books.” I just need to get a coffee table first. And a living room that will fit a coffee table.

Boris’s thoughts: “I can’t believe you make me do this. All my friends are nerds. 2 paws.”

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