Me Talk Pretty One Day

img_5683Book: Me Talk Pretty One Day By David Sedaris

Date Read: January 21, 2018 to February 8, 2018

Rating: 3 (of 5) stars

I kept thinking that I needed a little more time to think about this book before putting my thoughts into writing, but a week after finishing, I still wasn’t quite sure what to say. So I waited a little longer. And I still don’t feel like I’m quite sure what I want to say.  I suppose that in itself says something.

I have read some polarized opinions on Sedaris. People either love him or hate him. I have to honestly say that this confuses me. This book was sort of meh for me. I have a hard time imagining his writing to invoke such strong feelings, positive or negative. There were some stories that I very much enjoyed, and some really great moments. However, the rest of the book left me… unenthused. This sounds a bit petty, I suppose. I really don’t expect that every book is going to blow me away. Part of my issue is that Sedaris does not really present himself as particularly likable. Again, I don’t expect that every book is going to have a narrator/author that I like. I guess I just feel that if I am going to take the time to read about someone that I do not particularly like, I need to get a little more out of it than a couple laughs. I do have another of Sedaris’s books on my to read list, and I will keep it there, but I’m going to let this one set a bit longer before reading him again.

Boris’s thoughts: “Chapters of reasonable length for snuggle sessions. 3 paws.”

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