Never Let Me Go

img_5731Book: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Date Read: August 5, 2016 to August 15, 2016

Rating: 3 (of 5) stars

In trying to come up with the words for my feelings on this book, I think I just have to say that I found this book both interesting and annoying. The primary reason for my mixed feelings is that the reasons for each of those words are exactly the same.

The way the story is told often feels very disjointed. The narrator has a hard time getting to the point, and very often goes on tangents. There are bits and pieces that are not explained, but then resolved a few pages later after going off into something seemingly unrelated. While this was sometimes confusing and annoying, in some ways I felt that it made it seem more real. That’s often how people think and talk, especially when they are relaying a complicated story. I found myself wondering if this was intentional, or possibly the result of poor editing. Either way, I feel like it does work for the story – although not necessarily in a way that I am fond of. Overall, despite the wanderings and ramblings, I felt the story did come together at the end, and that there was sufficient resolution to everything that was brought up (or at least to my own wonderings as I was reading the story… I’m sure if I really dug into it, I could come up with something).

Another part that I feel uncertain about is the voice/emotion used throughout the story. It some ways, I feel like she is describing things as being emotionally charged, but I don’t ever really feel that in her own voice as she tells the story. Again, I can’t pinpoint if this is intentional, or just poor writing/character development. Kathy’s voice seems somewhat sad, but mostly indifferent, when reflecting on her past. Is that because she is supposed to be indifferent? Does she feel that, like is mentioned in the story, it was all pointless if her life was always going to end the same way? But if that’s the case, then why is she even sharing the story? Or is what I read as indifference merely her acceptance of her life as it was?

So with those thoughts, I certainly don’t love this book, but I also certainly can’t say that I hated it or that reading this book was a waste of time. Would I recommend it? Maybe. The world created in the book is an interesting one, although somewhat puzzling and sad for these characters.

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